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In April 2022 there was a rehearsed reading of a new play, 'Woman Behind Glass', by Claire Louise Amias, directed by Pradeep Jey, at the White Bear Theatre in Kennington. It was performed to an invited industry audience. This followed an R & D week at the Swiss Church in the West End which was part of a residency for writers from the Develop Your Playwriting course at the National Theatre. Claire was a student on this course in 2020. Here is a synopsis of the play:

Beatrice is a photographer. She and her husband Peter move into his mother’s house. Dorothy has dementia but resents them being there, feeling that her privacy is being invaded by Beatrice’s presence. Beatrice feels like her identity is steadily being subsumed into Dorothy's. As Dorothy begins to rapidly deteriorate, secrets are revealed and strange things start to occur. Beatrice wonders if the house is haunted - or is she losing her mind?


Woman Behind Glass

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