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A Monkey With Cymbals


This is a project in development for 2016 / 2017. We are currently seeking funding for this production.


In 2014 A Monkey With Cymbals received funding from the Arts Council of England for a scratch performance in the RADA Festival of Memory of the Other, a devised play exploring memory and relationships, using projected photography to chart the shared history of two friends. A half hour version of the play was devised by the two performers, with ideas later developed in collaboration with playwright, designer and director. This will be augmented into a full length show.


Jane and Krishnan quarrelled and haven’t spoken for five years. Now she’s turned

up at his grandmother’s funeral and it’s time to explore their different versions of

the past. She’s a photographer, he’s a historian: are images or words more likely

to tell the truth?


Performed and Devised by: Pradeep Jey and Claire Louise Amias

Writer: Sophia Kingshill, Directed by Jonathan Rigby







Memory of the Other


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